Jeff Jones

Jeffery Jones brings more than 30 years of experience to Alpha Auto Finders. In love with the car business since high school, Jeff worked for Hepner Dodge Chrysler in Coffeyville, Kansas. He became a buyer for the dealership in 1972. Jeff is a graduate of Wichita State University and received his Masters degree from Oklahoma State University in 1973. Presently, he is a buyer for franchise dealerships and is owner/operator of Alpha. Jeff's philosophy is to provide customers with an economical alternative to buying new vehicles by providing the finest, most reasonably priced transportation available. "We don't have to make as much as most dealers," Jeff says. "With our low overhead, we will save customers thousands and still make a reasonable profit." Jeff is always available to discuss any of your transportation needs.

David Salim

David Salim got his start in the car business at the age of 8 with his father, Robert Parviz Salim, and his brothers Rocky and Daniel. David learned early on he had a special ability to work with and troubleshoot mechanical systems. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering Technology at Oklahoma State Univeristy. Next time you stop by Alpha, ask Dave your car-related questions. He is sure to explain what you need to know in a comprehensive but easy to understand manner.

Rocky Salim

Rocky Salim got his start in the car business at the age of 12 with his father, Robert Parviz Salim. Rocky and his brothers, David and Daniel, continue their father's tradition. Rocky's philosophy is to treat car sales like a service. “Too many dealers try to make too much off one car.” Rocky says. “Our business depends on repeat customers. If we treat people right, they'll come back again and again." A Stillwater native, Rocky is a graduate of Stillwater High School and holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Technical Management from Oklahoma City University. He also studied biochemistry, journalism and computer science at Oklahoma State University. Feel free to address your vehicle related questions to Rocky, he is very easy to talk with.